Sunrise Systems Ltd: Business Partner in UK

Sunrise Systems Ltd introduced as ROHR2 Business Partner

ROHR2 - PIPENET Cooperation and Interface

We are proud to announce the business partnership with Sunrise Systems Ltd , developer of PIPENET software for rapid flow analysis of pipe and duct networks. SUNRISE and SIGMA agreed a cooperation on technical and sales level.

Sunrise Systems Limited UK

Sunrise Business Park, Ely road, Waterbeach,
Cambridge.  CB25 9QZ , UK

Tel. +44 1223 441311


PIPENET is a powerful software tool for rapid flow analysis of pipe and duct networks. Three modules ensure that, no matter how extensive or complex your network, PIPENET will perform


ROHR2 - PIPENET Interface

The first destination reached in the partnership is an interfaces between  the software products PIPENET (fluid flow calculations) and ROHR2 (pipe stress analysis).

The ROHR2 release 31.2, published in July 2013, can be equipped with the newly developed  ROHR2 - PIPENET interface. This optional available module creates an input file for PIPENET based on an available ROHR2 model.

The release of ROHR2 - PIPENET interface enables PIPENET and ROHR2 users to benefit from improved productivity and reduced design time through the automation of a two-way exchange of information between each system. This will avoid manual re-entry of data, minimizing risk of error and ensuring consistency.

The users of the PIPENET product line now are supplied by a SUNRISE as a direct sales partner for the pipe stress solution ROHR2, whereas the ROHR2 licensees now are open to the application of the  PIPENET Transient Module. for unsteady flow calculations for ‘water hammer’, steam hammer, control systems and hydraulic forces for pipe stress analysis.

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