ROHR2 / PROBAD User Meeting 2017

2017-04-05 15:14

ROHR2 / PROBAD User Meeting 2017

It has been a good tradition in the history of ROHR2 program to keep the personal contact to the users at periodical user meetings.
The previous events took place in 2014, 2011 and 2007.


In 2017 the SIGMA product portfolio has been completed by the program system

PROBAD – the standard solution for code-based strength calculations of pressure parts.


IBM Deutschland GmbH, provider of PROBAD and SIGMA have entered a partnership with the aim of transferring the sole responsibility for PROBAD to the company SIGMA from the 1st of January 2018. In 2017 the development of PROBAD will be provided in cooperation with IBM.

For information on PROBAD and the partnership with IBM please refer to the ROHR2 website.


The 2017 ROHR2 user meeting will be carried out in combination with the annual PROBAD event.

The 2-days event is planned to be held on September 11/12, 2017 at the location ROHRMEISTEREI in 58239 Schwerte, Germany.
The presentations will cover improvements and modifications of ROHR2 and PROBAD as well as future developments.
The main language for presentations will be German. For our English speaking auditorium the presentation material will also be available in English.


Shortly you will be informed about the agenda of the ROHR2 – PROBAD user meeting. Please refer to the ROHR2 website

Registered ROHR2 and PROBAD users will be contacted by the available contact data


We appreciate your interest and would be pleased to welcome you to the ROHR2 / PROBAD user meeting.


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