Training ROHR2 modules and ROHR2fesu

Thank you for your interest in a ROHR2 training. In addition to the ROHR2 basic training ( group or individual) we are offering  a 1 day ROHR2 modules training. The course includes an introduction into the program modules, integrated in ROHR2 32.0 or hgigher as well as an introduction into the additional programs ROHR2flange and ROHR2fesu.

For a detailed 1-day training focussing on ROHR2fesu please see below.

Who should attend?

Users of ROHR2 pipe stress analysis will benefit from the introductory course.

Training ROHR2 modules

One day training Introduction and application of ROHR2 modules.
The morning and afternoon training units can be ordered separately.
Morning - 9 a.m. to 12 a.m.:

  • Integration of program modules into the ROHR2 pipe stress analysis
  • ROHR2iso - Isometric drawings and part lists in ROHR2
  • ROHR2nozzle - Nozzle calculation with ROHR2
  • ROHR2press - Internal pressure analysis with ROHR2

Afternoon- 1 p.m. to 4 a.m. ( 13h - 16h)

  • ROHR2flange - Flange analysis with ROHR2
  • ROHR2fesu - overview, basics/modeling of a substructure, interaction with ROHR2

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ROHR2fesu training

Thank you for your interest in a training at the ROHR2fesu Program
For an introduction into ROHR2fesu Finite Element Analysis of Pipe components we recommend to participate at a 1-day ROHR2fesu training.
The ROHR2fesu training is held at the ROHR2 training center or at your company location.

For an offer or booking please contact the ROHR2 sales team


ROHR2fesu Trainingsbeispiel

Agenda ROHR2fesu training

  • ROHR2fesu overview
  • basics: modeling of a substructure, interaction with ROHR2/framework
  • modeling details
    - element division
    - positions of transition points
    - load case superpositions
    - stress analysis
    - report
  • results analysis, stresses

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