Isometric drawings and part lists

Program module to create dimensioned isometric graphics

ROHR2iso completes the graphical user interface ROHR2win by isometric drawing functionality. ROHR2iso creates scaled and not-scaled pipe isometrics. The module allows to add dimensions, welding nodes and additional parameters like height data or user defined texts and graphics.
The creation of single- and cumulative part lists is implemented.

Calculation and isometric modules are working with the same model.
Modification of the calculation model auto¬matically influences and updates as well the isometric representation.

Using ROHR2ISO means:

Minimal effort to the training of the users

The program system guarantees a high efficiency in the workflow.
The separately available program module ROHR2ISO is integrated into ROHR2win. Multiple inputs are not required: each data entry is made for calculation and isometric drawing.

Reduced data input, saving time on the project

Enormous advantages arise at the system optimization or system changes:
if there are changes in geometry or in technical requirements, the calculation and isometric may be adapted in one step.

  • Automatic creation of simply dimensioned isometrics. Dimensions can be adapted to the users needs.
  • Creation of single- and cumulative part lists completed by general system information
  • Export of isometric drawings via clipboard and part lists to spread sheet format.
  • Generation of isometries for the entire or partial system, for particular lines or defined views.
  • Welding seams: Insert welds at all components automatically or manually at individual nodes
  • Instruments: Select symbols from a library to represent instruments in the system.
  • Elevation levels / Height indicators: Height parameters may be inserted and positioned at any node