ROHR2press - internal pressure analysis in ROHR2


The internal pressure analysis of pipe components is part of the ROHR2  program system. The internal pressure analysis is carried out by the module ROHR2press. ROHR2press is part of the ROHR2 standard package.

Generally the re are two opportunities to  carry out the internal pressure analysis
• Dimensioning: Generation of a pipe class
• Recalculation: Checking specified components

The current program release  analyzes these components according to standards:
• Straight pipes, e.g. acc. to EN 13480, ASME B31.1, B31.3, AD 2000 B1
• Bends and bows e.g. acc. to EN 13480, ASME B31.1, B31.3, AD 2000 B
• Tees and nozzles acc. to EN 13480, ASME B31.1, B31.3, AD-2000 B9
• Reducers acc. to EN 13480

Generated pipe classes can be used to create a piping model.
Alternatively the components,  integrated in a ROHR2 piping model can be checked.
The internal pressure analysis can be carried out independent from the analysis of the ROHR2 project.

The generation of pipe classes bases on the standards which are stored in the ROHR2 databases.
Several pressure and temperature combinations can be  considered .

Various classes can be defined for tees and reducers.



Documentation of the internal pressure analysis
• Detailed warnings and  error messages
• Clearly presented documentation of the pipe class
• Detailed documentation  for each component
• The documentation is taken over into the ROHR2 calculation report

Detailed documentation for each component