Interfaces to CAD systems

Neutral CAD Interface ROHR2

The data for generating a pipe model in ROHR2 is done by importing files from 3D Plant engineering systems by integrated interfaces (some of them optionally available).

The ROHR2 Neutral Interface is the main program module for the integration of CAD-programs and  part of the current ROHR2 standard package or available as an upgrade.

The ROHR2 neutral interface is required part of the process and included in the current standard program configuration ROHR2 static & dynamic.


These CAD-Systems are creating data in the format of the Neutral interface enabling the direct data import into  ROHR2:

  • RC-Planet (Planet GmbH),
  • MPDS4 (CAD Schroer),
  • HICADnext (ISD GmbH), etc

On the part of the CAD/CAE system optional modules may be required for the generation of an export file in Neutral file format

ROHR2 CAD interface package

ROHR2 CAD interfaces are available in an optional CAD package which contains the modules

  • PCF - ROHR2
    for the import of data from Autocad PLANT3D, Intergraph SMARTPLANT, SolidWorks Smap3D, SolidWorks Solidplant, Venturis TRICAD, CADMATIC, ESAin ESApro etc
  • Intergraph PDS - ROHR2
  • SDNF – ROHR2 (structural steel)

The import data is basing on integrated component databases or database reports instead of simple graphic data. This enables to get more information than a simple piping structure, like assignment of materials, dimensions or support positions, required for the modeling in the ROHR2 pipe s tress calculation ROHR2.

ROHR2 Data exchange with Autodesk Plant3D

The Plant3D Add-In developed by SIGMA allows to generate the export data needed for a pipe stress analysis directly from Autodesk Plant3D. It allows to configure and assign.

By means of a configuration file data from P3D Attributes is transferred into a format to be imported into ROHR2 using the ROHR2 CAD interface package. The following Plant3D attributes can be assigned directly:

  • materials
  • support types
  • standards from P3D <-> ROHR2
  • dimensions

Generated configurations can be saved and loaded for different projects/ clients. A *.r2p3d file is created which can be imported into ROHR2 directly.The Plant3D Add-In requires the installation of the ROHR2 CAD interface package.

The Add-in can be downloaded fro free from our download page


Interfaces for the conversion of piping structures

The creation of a piping model by means of graphics data information (e. g. AUTOCAD *.dwg) allows to generate a geometry model in best case. ROHR2 does not support this working method, because modeling in ROHR2win is the more efficient way to get a piping model. This way piping structures can be generated to get a ROHR2 project piping model. Parameters relevant for the calculation  need to be added in the ROHR2 project.

  • 3D DXF data import
    Generate a ROHR2 model from 3D isometrics in  in DXF format (*.dxf)


  • CSV import interface – Reading geometry data from text files
    The interface CSV is used to convert data in text format (*.csv) into a format readable by ROHR2.