ROHR2 training - individual and group seminars

Thank you for your interest in a

ROHR2 pipe stress analysis training

We hope that you enjoy the training and we try to do our best for your successful and profitable information.

We recommend a 2-day training for an introduction into ROHR2 for standard handling, results documentation and discussion of customer related topics.
The training groups are always small which enables to have a direct contact to the participants. Most of your technical questions will be answered directly in context with the training examples.

ROHR2 basic training

Group training at our company in Unna, Germany (available dates see training schedule) or  individually planned ROHR2 course.


  • - Basics of static calculation
  • - ROHR2 tasks
  • - System input, supports
  • - Loads, load case definitions
  • - Calculation and representation of Results




  • - Documentation
  • - Handling of  ROHR2WIN graphical user interface
  • - Training Examples, customers projects or SIGMA training examples
  • - Analysis of results
  • - Stress analysis and stress codes
  • - Extreme value calculation, Support loads
  • - Analysis of the system and optimization
  • - ROHR2 Interfaces

ROHR2 advanced user training

The ROHR2 advanced training is carried out  preferentially  on the basis of selected examples and topics, e.g.:

  • - Eigen values
  • - Earthquake
  • - Fluid hammer, Time-History, Direct integration,
      Joukowsky static fluid hammer
  • - Modelling of dynamic components, etc.

ROHR2 training Additional modules and ROHR2fesu

ROHr2 additional modules course. Group training at  our comapny in Unna, Germany.
The 1-day ROHR2fesu course is an individually planned training unit.

for details see Training ROHR2 modules

How to book a ROHR2 training

Participate at a ROHR2 basic training in a group training (dates and registration here) or in an individual training course.
The training will be carried out following our field tested training examples or using the attendants project data (upon agreement).

ROHR2 advanced trainings are individually planned courses.

We are always at your disposal to submit an offer on a ROHR2 training at our training center in Unna, Germany or at your company site.

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