ROHR2 Static and Dynamic

Program System for Static and Dynamic Analysis of Complex Piping and Steel Structures

  • Stress analyses according to a great number of standards like ASME, EN, ISO14692, KTA, CODETI and RCCM.
  • Modules included in the ROHR2 Static and Dynamic:
    - ROHR2press     Internal pressure analysis  for pipes, bends, reducers and branches
    - ROHR2nozzle     Nozzle analysis acc. to standards like API, NEMA, EN ISO
    - ROHR2iso     Generation of isometrics and part lists

  • Included and optional interface modules enable you to integrate ROHR2 perfectly into your workflow.
ROHR2 Scope of delivery

Stress codes in ROHR2 listed by their fields of application

Steel pipes

Pipelines , general

ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, ASME B31.4, ASME B31.5, ASME B31.8
EN 13480
VGLSR Equivalent stresses according to von Mises and Tresca

Nuclear Power

ASME Cl. 1, ASME Cl. 2, ASME Cl. -3
ASME Cl. 1, Fatigue analysis
KTA 3201.2, KTA 3211.2
RCC-M Cl.1, RCC-M Cl.2, RCC-M Cl.3

Buried pipes

EN 13941


B31.4 Chapter IX
B31.8 Chapter VIII

GRP Pipes

ISO 14692
British Standard 7159

Steel frameworks

VGLSP (Stress analysis for Structural Steel Sections) following:
DIN 18800
EN 1993

ROHR2 Stress codes


A comprehensive number of interface modules is part of the ROHR2 standard package:

  • Neutral CAD Interface including Export AVEVA PDMS - ROHR2
  • CAESAR II         Import interface
  • PIPESTRESS        Import interface
  • CAEPIPE         Import interface
  • SINETZ        Export interface
  • FLOWNEX        Export interface
  • PIPENET        Import interface
  • PIPENET        Export interface
  • DXF format        Import interface
  • Export Interface into the Support Design Programs LICAD, FLEXPERTE, CASCADE

Optional interfaces are available to integrate ROHR2 into your workflow:

  • ROHR2 CAD Interface package: PCF, PDS, PASCE, PXF, SDNF Interface
  • ROHR2 CAESAR II Export

Please refer to the ROHR2 Interface Brochure or contact us for further details.

The graphical user interface ROHR2win may be carried out in German or English.
Results may be printed in German, English or French.
Country specific program versions or floating licenses may differ from this specification.
Please refer to the binding offer/quotation.

What´s behind ROHR2

ROHR2 Toolbars


Expertise in pipe analysis is shown in the product name:
ROHR means PIPE in German

ROHR2 is made by engineers

Started and created by one of the main software vendors in Europe - mbp in Germany - in the late 1960s, ROHR2 continues its success by SIGMA from 1989, accompanied by EDS Software in the 90´s.
From the year 2000 on, the complete licensing and sales activities are in the hands of SIGMA.
SIGMA is an engineering company basing on pipe engineering as well as software development.
The result is a field tested product, strongly adapted to the user’s needs.

ROHR2 means system integration

ROHR2 offers a large number of interfaces for the transfer of data from and to CAD and CAE-systems.
Additionally ROHR2win, the graphical user interface of ROHR2, includes various export and import formats, working with graphics, texts and tables for viewing and documentation purposes.
The integration of ROHR2 into your workflow is additionally supported by third-party interface products.

ROHR2 is up-to-date

Experienced pipe engineers and program developers answer the users´ questions. The software is being developed continuously in order to incorporate the ongoing changes in the stress calculation codes and norms but also to improve the user interface and extend the capabilities of ROHR2 according to the users´ needs.

ROHR2 means quality

The software releases are tested and verified by highest internal quality standards and extensive field tests. The software maintenance includes periodical updates (via internet and program -CD),  service releases as well as personal user support by qualified pipe engineers and software developers.
ROHR2 is one of the most frequently used pipe static software in the world.

ROHR2 is the unique completely interactive piping analysis software and hence it offers significant time and cost reduction to your piping department which makes it part of the daily work in engineering companies worldwide.

ROHR2 System requirements

ROHR2 system requirements

ROHR2 System requirements

The programs´ scope of delivery contains
- the program data (on ROHR2 CD or by download)
- the program documentation, html and pdf - format
- the ROHR2  license key (USB key, dongle).

System requirements of single user licenses and PC-workstations in the network:

  • PC with min. 8 GB RAM
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (32-/64-bit)
  • Screen resolution minimum 1024 x 768 pixels
  • USB port
  • Connection via Internet for activation of the program license *) and program updates
  • .NET Framework 4.5

System requirements of the network server

  • Installation of the HASP license manager on a Server PC accessible by all users in the network, running under
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (32-/64-bit), Windows Server 2008/2012/2016.

In case of integrating ROHR2 into company-wide or country-wide networks e networks please contact us.

Program license

ROHR2 is available as a single user license or network license/floating license.

Unlimited license/perpetual license
Program license for an unlimited period of time including maintenance and support during six month after purchase.

Time-limited license/rental license
Program license including maintenance and support, monthly.


ROHR2 Introduction: Pipe stress analysis with ROHR2 (about 20 min.)


ROHR2 Introduction Importing Neutral Files PCF Import of Multiple Files

ROHR2 Introduction
Importing Neutral Files
PCF Import of Multiple Files

provided by SIGMA sales partner PIPE STRESS INC.


ROHR2 Introduction Importing Neutral Files PCF Import of Multiple Files



ROHR2 E3d interfaces

E3D 2 ROHR2: Import from AVEVA PDMS /E3D to ROHR2 and export of results vv