ROHR2 User meeting 2011

The ROHR2 User Meetings 2011 took place at May 10, 2011 in Schwerte, Germany and on June 30 at the SIGMA company location.
A great number of ROHR2 users, interested people and experts in pipe construction, component analysis and pipe stress calculation came together to hear about new developments and additional modules in the program system ROHR2. The software users came together in order to compare notes and, learn about the effective use of the Program System ROHR2
The last ROHR2 user meeting was held in 2007.
The main topics of the conference were changes and developments in ROHR2 release 31.0, among them the flange analysis with ROHR2flange as well as modeling and meshing using ROHR2fesu, the Finite Element component analysis module.
The conference concluded with a discussion of subjects which were brought up by the auditorium.
It is a good tradition in the history of the system ROHR2 program to keep the personal contact to the users by periodical user meetings. A lot of participants agreed the event to be successful and expressed their interest to participate at the next conference.
The ROHR2 Development and Sales Team is looking forward to welcome their guests at the next ROHR2 User Meeting.


Press release ROHR2 user meeting 2011 download here