ROHR2 current program release

Program release ROHR2 33.0, January 2020
Update delivery Febr 21, 2020: ROHR2 33.0 shipped to registered users
Update info

ROHR2 Update Info 33.0

Overview on changes and modifications of the latest program release.

ROHR2 updates

The program system ROHR2 and additional modules are revised continuously.
The current updates are delivered by the built-in Internet update function.
Update requirements:
- the ROHR2 update function is not switched off, or is carried out manually
- a valid maintenance contract
- the ability to connect via Internet (https connection)

The ROHR2 command Help / Info shows the current state of the installed program license.

Major releases are not carried out  by automatic update, e.g. the update from ROHR2 31.2a to 32.0 cannot be carried out by internet-update. In case of an release change it is required to install the program from data carrier (CD or download)

There are no downloadable files on our webpages. the update is done exclusively by the built-in ROHR2 update function. If you are not able to get an update, please check the requirements above and/or contact the ROHR2 Program support.

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