Standard solution for code-based strength calculations of pressure parts.



PROBAD is the standard solution for code-based strength calculations of pressure parts. PROBAD is successfully used for years worldwide by leading companies of the boilers and vessels industry, in plant design and in piping construction.
The latest status of standards in PROBAD and a continuously technical development is guaranteed by PROBAD maintenance agreements.
PROBAD offers solutions for the effective use of calculation modules in accordance with the standards:

  • AD 2000-sheets, TRD-sheets
  • EN 12952, EN 13480, EN 13445, EN 1591
  • ASME Sect. I., ASME Sect. VIII./1, ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3
  • WRC 107, WRC 297
PROBAD Updates

PROBAD current release

The PROBAD 2024-01 update has been shipped to registered users, read more

PROBAD features

The main factors some highlights of the PROBAD calculation modules:

  • PROBAD is of modular design; this enables licensing individual modules in relation to the company needs (see available PROBAD solutions).
  • PROBAD allows not only re-checking defined component dimensions, but also designing or optimizing components.
  • The comprehensive component databases of PROBAD include additional norms and standards regarding dimensions, wall thickness´, tolerances etc.
  • Material databases containing EN, DIN and ASME materials are supporting the calculation modules.
    The values can be edited or modified individually by the user.
  • Standard-safety factors of the calculation rules are stored and can be modified in accordance with the projects requirements.
  • PROBAD Modeler
  • For all PROBAD modules screen inputs and print outputs are currently available in German and English. The dialog system provides convenient help screens, either as text or graphic.
  • PROBAD is continuously subject to technical changes and novelties as also for monitoring systems etc.
  • Based on the various maintenance agreements, SIGMA GmbH is obliged to keep the solutions up to date by annual releases, so the PROBAD modules are always following the actual codes/standards.
  • For PROBAD licensees with maintenance contract a hotline is available.
  • Pipe classes can be exported from the pipe series modules to ROHR2
  • Import of complex structures from ROHR2 with transfer of the essential parameters
    such as dimensional standards and materials.


PROBAD Modeler

PROBAD Modeler

PROBAD includes a modeler allowing to define entire structures which can be transferred to one or more PROBAD calculation modules for calculation.
The assignment can be made to a different rule for each group of components so that it is also possible to carry out a verification across different sets of rules.

The entire project structure is generated by the specified calculation modules. The structure is subdivided in accordance with the particular standard.

Important parameters of the components like materials, dimensions referring to standards as well as load cases are taken over into the calculation modules.

ROHR2 Connection

Analog to the modelling proces in PROBAD, ROHR2 can be used ass a modeler for PROBAD structures (ROHR2 34.0 and higher) This allows to export structures into PROBAD which have been generated in ROHR2.

Export of pipe classes to be used in ROHR2. ROHR2 allows to access pre-defined PROBAD pipe classes directly as an alternative to the code-based selection of components.
This allows pre-selection of standard dimensions and components

PROBAD system requirements and licensing

PROBAD system requirements

The system requirements of all PROBAD program versions are as following:

System requirements of single user licenses and PC-workstations in the network

  • PC with min. 8 GB RAM, 16 GB RAM recommended
  • Windows 11/10 (64-bit)
  • Screen resolution minimum 1280 x 720 pixels 1920 x 1080 pixels recommended
  • USB port (not required in case of a SL license)
  • Connection via Internet for activation of the program license *) and program updates

*) Activation by phone/email or internet

System requirements network server

In addition to the requirements for single user licenses:

  • Installation of the HASP license manager on a Server PC accessible by all users in the network
  • Windows 11/10, Windows Server 2022/2019/2016 (64-bit)

In case of integrating ROHR2 into company-wide or countrywide networks (WAN) please contact us.


PROBAD system requirements (Kopie)

Scope of delivery and license key

The programs´ scope of delivery contains

  • the program data (by download including online manual)
  • a license key (USB dongle or Software License key)

The software does not run without the license key.
New releases are unlocked by actualization of the license key.

SL License key

  • PROBAD 2020.1 and higher supports Software license keys (SL License) without a USB key.
  • SL Licenses are available for network licenses
  • SL Licenses allow to „Borrow licenses“, i.e. taking a network license access/ user off the network for a specified time period
  • For details please refer to the INSTALL document or contact the PROBAD sales team

How to contact our Sales team:

by phone +49 (0)2303 332 33-0
by fax       +49 (0)2303 332 33-50
using the  contact form
by e-mail

or by standard mail:
  SIGMA Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
  Bertha-von-Suttner-Allee 19
  D-59423 Unna