Cooperation between SANT´AMBROGIO and SIGMA

2014-04-01 11:48

Unna (Germany) April 1, 2014

SIGMA today announced it has entered into a business partnership with Sant’Ambrogio Servizi Industriali Srl, developer of NEXTGEN software tools


Sant´Ambrogio and SIGMA agreed a cooperation between their software products ROHR2 (pipe stress analysis) and NEXTGEN

NEXTGEN and ROHR2 software

NextGen, the Sant’Ambrogio software product for complex mechanical design of pressure vessels and heat exchangers is the perfect addtition to ROHR2 pipe stress analysis: it enables the design as well as the checking of pressure vessels and heat exchangers. Its graphical interface allows a step-by-step graphical construction of the entire vessel / exchanger. NextGen includes a comprehensive material data base which can be extended with user-defined materials and produces a full printout with the formulas used in the calculation. It is particularly  suitable for optimizing pressure parts and this makes NextGen a most effective and design-oriented software tool.

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Cooperation between SANT´AMBROGIO and SIGMA

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