Sales Partner in Italy

Sant'Ambrogio Servizi Industriali  s.r.l., ROHR2 Sales Partner in Italy

Sant'Ambrogio Servizi Industriali s.r.l., Milano, Italy, has been introduced as business partner of SIGMA GmbH, Germany for the sales and support of the CAE products ROHR2 and SINETZ in Italy

About: Sant’Ambrogio Servizi Industriali Srl

The Italian engineering company Sant’Ambrogio Servizi Industriali has developed a widely used software for mechanical design of pressure vessels and heat exchangers, basing on its experience as an engineering company specialized in pressure equipment design. Sant’Ambrogio engineers  perform DBF (Design by Formulae) and DBA (Design by Analysis - by means of finite element calculation) of pressure vessels and exchangers as well as thermal design of exchangers. Sant’Ambrogio, ISO 9001-certified,  holds courses and customized training on mechanical and thermal design.

Sant'Ambrogio Servizi Industriali Srl

Piazza Carlo Donegani, 8
20133 Milano, Italy

Phone number+39 02 70603113
Fax number+39 02 2663546