Fluid Dynamic Interfaces

Pressure loss

SINETZ Interface Export of calculation models to SINETZ
(Product of SIGMA Ingenieur¬gesellschaft mbH)

The SINETZ program includes a neutral interface to import data from CAD/CAE programs. It enables to import geometry data, dimensions, insulation, components like bends, instruments, pumps, reducers and orifices as well as boundary conditions (pressure, temperature and quantities).

Fluid dynamics

General Fluid dynamic data exchange

Interface Fluid dynamic programs: Import of load - time-functions

Import of fluid hammer forces into ROHR2
For the conversion of load-time functions from various fluid dynamic software ROHR2 provides an import capability.
ROHR2 converts *.frc and *.csv-files or ASCII files into a proprietary ROHR2 binary format.

The interface is used for the data transfer from software products like

  • Flownex
  • AFT Impulse

Additional program systems upon request.

PIPENET and FLOWNEX import and export interfaces

Interface for the exchange of data between ROHR2 and fluid dynamic softwares.

PIPENET (Sunrise Systems Ltd, www.sunrise-sys.com).

FLOWNEX (www.flownex.com).