Pipe Stress Inc., SIGMA partner in USA and CANADA

June 1, 2017
SIGMA has partnered with Pipe Stress Inc, Santa Barbara, CA, in a proactive step to ensure that our growing customer base in the US continues to receive the level of support they deserve and have come to expect.  Pipe Stress Inc (PSI) was created by the ownership of NOWMON, INC. (SIGMA’s original US sales partner, see below) in order to support the increasing sales of Sigma’s products in the USA.


Mr. Georg Naumann
201 Mesa Lane
Santa Barbara, CA 93109, USA
Tel. +1 (888) 777-6532
Email info@pipestressinc.com


Moving forward, SIGMA and PSI are committed to delivering quality products coupled with the best customer service experience. PSI is equipped with the engineering and software expertise to be able to support our growing market in the USA and Canada for years to come.

July 1, 2013
SIGMA GmbH, Germany, today announced the business partnership with NOWMON, INC., Santa Barbara, CA, to expand its territory for sales and support of the CAE products ROHR2 and SINETZ in the USA.

This partnership was finalized in June 2013. NOWMON, INC., provider of engineering services, is a valuable partner to SIGMA and was selected to increase product presence in the American engineering software market for ROHR2 and SINETZ.

As a long-term user of ROHR2, NOWMON, INC. is the perfect partner for SIGMA to accomplish this goal.

Based in the USA, NOWMON is well-known globally as a specialist engineering & technology services company.  NOWMON has a focus on enhancing their client's engineering efficiency and providing services for integrating CAD / CAL / CAE products into engineering workflows.  NOWMON offers training as well as product support led by its own staff who are experts in their respective fields.