PROBAD Verification

Non-regression Test

Before a new release ispublished the functionality and the calculations of the PROBAD modules are checked by extensive series of calculation examples.
Results, deviating from previous versions are evaluated individually by our programmers.
All changes are permanently documented in a revision control and thus enable a complete tracking via the version history.

PROBAD Release information 2023

PROBAD Release information 2022

PROBAD Release information 2021

PROBAD Release information 2020


PROBAD input files for test purposes are available at all modules after installation of the program.
The program user may check the application of the program by means of the test files.
Additionally the menu Help manual calculations offers a collection of manual verifactions. Here the equations and parameters are shown used in the manual calculations.
For each new PROBAD version a cerificate is issued after succesfull pass of the test procedure.

Certificates download:

PROBAD 2023 Verification Certificate

PROBAD 2022 Verification Certificate

PROBAD 2021 Verification Certificate

PROBAD 2020 Verification Certificate

PROBAD 2018 Verification Certificate