Additional results

In addition to the analysis of stresses and loads at supports and connections, ROHR2 provides the results of:

  • Expansion joint analysis
  • Internal pressure design
  • Spring design

Expansion joints

Database with lateral, angular and axial exp. joints

  • Data input by data base or user defined
  • Spring rates are calculated automatically using the manufacturers data
  • Forces due to internal pressure are considered automatically
  • The expansion joint analysis can be carried out as a separate
  • Task automatically according to the selected superposition specification: Allowable deformations are checked for all load cases
  • Data sheet with detailed results for any exp. joint

Spring design

Database with spring supports according to manufacturers data

  • spring design, estimation
  • check of allowable deformations for all load cases and for load case superpositions
  • data sheet with result overview for all spring and constant force supports