ROHR2 Vertriebspartner weltweit

Die Softwareprodukte ROHR2 und SINETZ werden durch die SIGMA Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH (Unna, Germany) entwickelt und vertrieben. Wir stehen ein für die Qualität unsere Produkte und bieten den Kunden einen umfangreichen Service einschließlich Anwenderberatung, Schulungen und Software-Updates.

Um den Kontakt zu den Anwendern vor Ort zu intensivieren, eine persönliche Beratung der Programmanwender zu gewährleisten sowie regions- und länderspezifische Erfahrungen zu berücksichtigen, werden unsere Softwareprodukte in ausgewählten Regionen durch SIGMA Vertriebspartner repräsentiert.

Wir freuen uns auf die erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit mit den Partnerfirmen in den jeweiligen Ländern und stellen Ihnen unsere Vertriebspartner hier vor.


Baltic states - AruCAD

AruCAD Süsteemid OÜ, Tallinn, Estonia, is introduced as business partner of SIGMA GmbH, Germany for the sales and support of the CAE products ROHR2 and SINETZ in the Baltic region (January 2013)

AruCAD as provider of AUTOCAD products is a great partner to SIGMA and this agreement exemplifies their dedication to increase position in the Baltic engineering software market for its products ROHR2 and SINETZ.

About: AruCAD Süsteemid

AruCAD Süsteemid, established in Estonia in 2009, is a fast-growing company that specializes in CAD and BIM softwares and support services on engineering applications in industries, including Oil&Gas, energy, building construction, mechanical designs as well as 3D/BIM consultancies. AruCAD Süsteemid is Autodesk Authorized Silver Partner, and since 2011 active as Autodesk Authorized Training Centre. In the company there is working today 5 ATC instructors. In 2012 AruCAD Süsteemid aquired Process Plant Certified status.

Contact data

Lõõtsa 4
10145 Tallinn

Tel. +372 6306 523

Scandinavia and Finland - SKIOS Engineering

SKIOS Engineering AB - ROHR2 Sales Partner in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark

About SKIOS:
As a specialist in the field of piping and pressure vessel related analysis, SKIOS Engineering offers state of the art software, support, training, knowledge transfer and problem solving services.

The business area regarding piping- and pressure vessel related analysis and services has been transferred from EDRMedeso AB to SKIOS Engineering AB, which started its operation January 2:nd 2020. The founders of SKIOS, who originally introduced ROHR2 to the Nordic market, have many years of experience in the aforementioned business area and analyses.

Contact data

SKIOS Engineering AB
Trefasgatan 1
721 30 Västerås

Switchboard: +46 21 47 13 100

Support: +46 21 47 13 103

Slovakia and Czech Republic - smartCAD

smartCAD, Sales Partner in Slovakia and Czech Republic

smartCAD, s.r.o. Bratislava, Slovakia, is introduced as business partner of SIGMA GmbH, Germany for the sales and support of the CAE products ROHR2 and SINETZ.

smartCAD s.r.o. as provider of AUTOCAD products is a great partner to SIGMA and this agreement exemplifies their dedication to increase position in the czechian and slovakian engieering software market for its products ROHR2 and SINETZ.

About: smartCAD s.r.o

We supply software and hardware for designers, engineers and architectural studios. We organize meetings and training sessions for users of CAD, we supply consumables, provide technical support, consultation and assistance in the design of the activity, and we dedicate to creative and design activities also.


Contact data

smartCAD s.r.o.

Čajakova 19

SK-81105 Bratislava

Slovak Republic

Tel. 00421 940 636 747


Konvertovanie PCF exportu na potrubia

Na rozdiel od predchádzajúcich verzií, teraz môžete pomocou PCF súboru vytvoriť nie len samotnú Izometriu, ale dokonca aj model ako taký. To je veľká výhoda hlavne pri spolupráci ako ROHR2.

Slovakia and Czech Republic - ENERGO

ETS, ROHR2 Sales Partner in Czech Republic and Slovakia

ETS company is well-known in the field of energy industry providing comprehensive project and engineering activities, including technical support, training and professional software.

Offering technical support in stress, thermal and flexibility analysis of pipe systems and pressure parts. Our domains are pre-insulated and traditional pipe systems for heat and gas transport.


Contact data

Energotechnické služby s.r.o.
Durďákova 346/38, 613 00 Brno

Sales and Support:

Jozef Varga

Tel: +420 731 741 374

Spain, Portugal - Catalonia Engineering

Catalonia Engineering, ROHR2 Sales Partner in Spain and Portugal

Catalonia Engineering Solutions is well-known as a specialist engineering & technology services company.  Catalonia Engineering Solutions is focused on providing engineering software, training, support and consultancy services.

About: Catalonia Engineering Solutions

Catalonia Engineering Solutions provides engineering software and consultancy services.
Our staff members are mechanical, chemical and industrial engineers with wide and deep experience in design of pipe systems.

We can provide our expertise and solutions in areas such as water hammer analysis, pipe stress analysis and pressure vessels and heat exchangers design.
We are able to help you to face up your challenges and projects.
We work with our customers in a dedicated and committed way with a close partnership.

Catalonia Engineering Solutions ofrece servicios de consultoría y soluciones globales para el diseño de sistemas de tuberías.
Nuestro equipo formado por ingenieros mecánicos, químicos  e industriales altamente cualificados y  con una amplia experiencia en el diseño de sistemas de tuberías.
Podemos aportar nuestra experiencia y soluciones en áreas como: el cálculo y análisis del golpe de ariete, cálculos de estrés y flexibilidad inherente de sistemas de tuberías, diseño y cálculo mecánico de equipos sometidos a presión e intercambiadores de calor.

Estamos en disposición para ayudarles a abordar sus retos y proyectos, con estrecha colaboración, dedicación, compromiso y profesionalidad.

Contact data

Catalonia Engineering
Pintor Vancells, 91, 1º2º
E-08225 Terrassa (BCN)

Sales and Support:

+34 93 735 81 24
Jordi Garcia --


Turkey, Egypt and Middle East - ADAMS C&I

ADAMS C&I,  Sales Partner in Turkey, Middle East and North Africa

Adams C&I, Cairo, Egypt, s introduced as business partner of SIGMA GmbH, Germany for the sales and support of the CAE products ROHR2 and SINETZ in Turkey, Northern Africa and Middle East

Adams Consultancy and Infrastructure abbreviated as Adams C&I, headquartered in the heart of Cairo - Egypt , Adams C&I provides multi-disciplinary state of the art engineering, economic and environmental solutions in various industries. The scope of work includes but is not limited to Piping Design, Stress analysis, Equipment Design, FEA, Structural Design and detailing, Hydraulic networks optimization and Waterhammer/Surge analysis. Adams C&I have partners all around the globe allowing it to acquire all kind of international experiences and skills.

Contact data

Adams C&I

Address: 26 July St.,
BLDG 56, Fl3,
Cairo 11221- EGYPT
T: +201001037339


South Africa


China - DMS Beijing

DMS Beijing: ROHR2 Sales Partner for China and Taiwan

DMS corporation (former PLANTSOFT Co. Ltd.), founded in 2002 in Beijing China, is a service company that focuses on the software sales, on-line training, system integration and software development, consultant, detailed design for the project field. It has a team with years of experience and enjoys a great reputation among users in China’s oil & gas, chemical, construction, electrical power, environmental protection and paper making sectors.

ROHR2 product brochure - Chinese language download here

Contact data

DMS Corporation

B Area, 3rd Floor , Building 4, Qunying Zone,
Chuangye Rd. 8, Shangdi,
CN-100085 Beijing Haidian
China P.R.

Direct +86 13051085841

ROHR2 - SINETZ videos on Youku channel

The ROHR2 - SINETZ videos now are available on the Chinese movie channel YOUKU. Thank you for viewing.

For additional  movie sources please follow this link


NEILSOFT - ROHR2 Sales Partner in India

NEILSOFT LTD., Pune, India, is introduced as business partner of SIGMA GmbH, Germany for the sales and support of the CAE products ROHR2 and SINETZ in India.
NEILSOFT is well known as a specialist engineering & technology services company, focused on enhancing their client's product / project engineering efficiency and providing services for CAD / CAM / CAE / PLM products.
In 2007 NEILSOFT President RK Gupta, welcomes Mr. Stefan Masala, CEO of SIGMA GmbH, visited India for finalizing the partnership contracts and visiting some of the leading pipe stress experts. SIGMA selected NEILSOFT as a strong partner in one of the world’s most developing countries, to increase its position in the Indian engineering software market for its products ROHR2 and SINETZ.

Contact data


8th.Floor, Sadhu Vaswani Chowk
PUNE - 411001, India
Tel. +91-80-22267786

India - CADtech

CADtech- ROHR2 Sales Partner in India


Contact data

CADtech Consultants Private Limited

222, Second Floor, Devika Tower
Building No. 6, Nehru Place,
110019 New Delhi
Tel.: +91-11-26227285 /26224258
India - Axil Consulting Engineers

Axil - ROHR2 Sales Partner in India


Axil consulting Engineering is an ISO 9001:2015 certified firm based at Bengaluru, India. AXIL is an engineering consultancy firm providing the Plant engineering Services & Solutions for Oil & Gas, Power, Chemical, Water, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical and other Process Plants. We cater our services & solutions to multidisciplinary industrial sectors.

Contact data

AXIL Consulting Engineers

No.19/29, Ground Floor, Da Ra Bendre Road, AECS Layout
Geddalahalli, RMV 2nd Stage, Sanjaynagar Post

Tel.: 080 4128 8339
Mobile: 9066188611
MATCOR South East Asia


ROHR2 Sales Partner in South East Asia

Leading Specialist in the Field of Failure Analysis, Forensic Engineering and Assets Integrity Management.
Matcor is a subsidiary of CETIM, The French Technical Centre for Mechanical Industry.

ROHR2 sales:     Mr. Cyril TRUNET Mobile : +65 9325 4552


MATCOR Technology and Services Private Limited

3 Seletar Aerospace Link, Singapore 797550

Contact: (65) 6778 8285


South Korea - Seoul Data System

Seoul Data System: Sales Partner in South Korea

SEOUL DATA SYSTEM Ltd, Seoul, is introduced as business partner of SIGMA GmbH, Germany for the sales and support of the CAE products ROHR2 and SINETZ in Korea

SEOUL DATA SYSTEM is well known as a specialist engineering & technology services company, focused on enhancing their client's product / project engineering efficiency and providing services for CAD / CAM / CAE products.

The cooperation with SIGMA and SEOUL DATA SYSTEM is basing on the long experience in distributing engineering software in Korea.
Along with his experiences in the Korean market he is the perfect partner for SIGMA in this area.

Contact data

Seoul Data System Co. Ltd

3rd Floor, KEBank Bldg. # 772-66
Hwagok4-Dong, Kangseo-Gu
157-896 Seoul, South Korea

Tel. (82 2) 2649-9345
Fax (82 2) 2643-6105


Australia and Oceania

Australia and Oceania

contact SIGMA here

or send an email to


USA, Canada - Pipe Stress Inc.

Pipe Stress Inc., ROHR2 Sales Partner in USA and CANADA

SIGMA has partnered with Pipe Stress Inc, Santa Barbara, CA, in a proactive step to ensure that our growing customer base in the US continues to receive the level of support they deserve and have come to expect.  Pipe Stress Inc (PSI) was created by the ownership of NOWMON, INC. (SIGMA’s original US sales partner, see below) in order to support the increasing sales of Sigma’s products in the USA.

Moving forward, SIGMA and PSI are committed to delivering quality products coupled with the best customer service experience. PSI is equipped with the engineering and software expertise to be able to support our growing market in the USA and Canada for years to come.

Contact data

Mr. Georg Naumann
201 Mesa Lane
Santa Barbara, CA 93109, USA
Tel. +1 (888) 777-6532


Chile and South America - COMGRAP

COMGRAP - Sales Partner in Chile and South America

OMGRAP, Santiago de Chile, has been introduced as business partner of SIGMA GmbH, Germany for the sales and support of the CAE products ROHR2 and SINETZ in South America (Sept 2019)

Grupo de empresas COMGRAP

Located in Santiago, Chile, since 1984 it is a leading company in the technology market in the Autodesk authorized partner region for more than 32 years. In all these years it has provided support for technology implementations in areas such as Government, Mining, construction, engineering, manufacturing, infrastructure, industrial plants, among many others.

Currently, the company that develops strategies for the implementation of CAD to BIM and industry 4.0 in the country being a technological reference in this area, in the subject of Industrial Plants different contributions are developed, ranging from solutions through point clouds to analysis. of elements through the use of accessible technologies and according to the needs of the client.


Grupo de Empresas Comgrap

Ubicados en Santiago de Chile, desde 1984 es una Empresa líder en el mercado de tecnología en la región socio autorizado de Autodesk por más de 32 años. En todos estos años ha brindado apoyo de implementaciones de tecnología en áreas desde Gobierno, Minería, construcciones, ingeniería, manufactura, infraestructura, plantas industriales entre muchas otras.

Actualmente la empresa que desarrolla estrategias de implementación del CAD al BIM y la industria 4.0 en el país siendo referente tecnológico en esta materia, en el tema de Plantas Industriales se desarrollan distintos aportes que van desde las soluciones a través de nubes de puntos hasta el análisis de elementos a través del uso de tecnologías accesibles y acorde a las necesidades del cliente.

Contact data

Providencia, Santiago

Teléfono:  +56 2 2592 9000

Worldwide distribution

For product inquiries from Africa North, Middle East, Australia and countries not covered by Sales Partner organizations, please contact the SIGMA Sales team.