DOCAN Ltd: ROHR2 Business Partner in UK

DOCAN Ltd. introduced as ROHR2 Business Partner

ROHR2 - SINETZ  Cooperation and Interface

We are proud to announce the business partnership with DOCAN Ltd.

DOCAN Ltd is an engineering consultancy with a team of experienced, Professional Engineers, Designers and Consultants. DOCAN’s primary experience is in the application of advanced engineering.  They have a huge amount of experience in pressure systems including piping and vessels and have worked in most industries – from subsea and offshore and refining, to nuclear island.
With their talented engineers and relevant cutting-edge technology, they strive to provide high quality engineering and support with a superior service.  
DOCAN are based in the north west of the UK.


Northwich, CW9 5BF, UK

For enquiries -
Tel +44(0) 1606 212330

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