SINETZ Trainingsbeispiele

SINETZ:Calculation of Flow Distribution, Pressure Drop and Heat Loss in  Piping Networks

Welcome to the SINETZ training page.
This page offers SINETZ training material referring to specified tasks.

The training material is stored in different file types:

1. Online flash movie: The task solution is presented in an animated movie file. Click on the movie link to start and follow the instructions. The green navigation buttons allow you to go forward or backwards in the tutorial .

2. PDF copy of the movie. If the movie format can not be executed on your computer, please open the pdf which includes the video contents.

3. Zip file containing the calculation data of the example.
For your own exercises the SINETZ calculation data is added in a zip file. Download and copy the data to your SINETZ project directory, then start the *r2w file to run the example in your SINETZ license or demo license.

4. Zip-file containing the complete movie and calculation data for download.
For general introduction, please download the SINETZ tutorial, available in German or English


SINETZ Tutorial - Training Example 1

Pressure loss calculation - only one section
different load cases and boundary conditions

Auxiliary Pdf documents:

SN_ex1 overview1, SN_ex1 overview2, SN_EX1_input


SINETZ Tutorial - Training Example 2

Selecting a pump by 3 steps:
- Import CAD/CAE data form your 3D plant system
- Determination of the required pump criteria by means of SINETZ
- Inserting a pump with system adapted parameters
- View calculation results and report

SINETZ Example 02
SINETZ Example 2


SINETZ Tutorial - Training Example 3

Introduction into SINETZ - adding symbols to the piping system
- The SINETZ graphical user interface,
- Adding vessels to the system and connecting to the piping structure
- user defined component symbols by the integrated symbol editor
- SINETZ overview, handling and interfaces


SINETZ Tutorial - Training Example 4

Heat Exchanger - Pump - Consumer 1-4 (closed loop)

Auxiliary Pdf documents:

SN_ex4 overview